All About US!

20+ Years of experience. Your face is my passion!

Eyes are the window to the Soul and Skin is the great protector of our Heart.

Your skin is the body’s largest organ providing you with waterproofing, mediating sensation, and protection against germs. 

Your eyes and the brows that frame them are amongst our most memorable features.

At Brows By Nikki we are the Spa for creating and maintaining beautiful faces. Our skin services are designed to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate with the best skincare products available, from ELEMIS. Our hair removal services for the face and body utilize the latest techniques providing a smooth finish without sticky wax residue using products from NuFree. 

For the eyes, we specialize in brow shaping as taught by Anastasia of Beverly Hills, and the best in semi-permanent brow techniques (including microblading, nanoblading, and powder brows). You will be delighted with the results.

With the latest rule change by the California State Board for Cosmetology, we will be offering Lash Lifts, and Brow Laminations starting in January 2022.

For your convenience, we sell products from Elemis and Anastasia for you to look your best between appointments with us.

We look forward to serving you.

Hi, I'm Nikki Saito, owner and Master Esthetician

Brows are my passion. Skin is my obsession.

I have been sculpting brows for 20+ years. As a licensed esthetician, microblading wizard, and trained makeup artist, I understand how to make you look and feel your best with the finest products and proven techniques.

I have delighted clients in Southern California by providing personal service and taking the time to sculpt your brows to match your facial structure. With my new location I am now offering lash extensions and enhanced body and skin care.

After years of refining my craft at various salons, and formal training with Anastasia of Beverly Hills, the most skilled microblading artists, and facial techniques from Elemis. I welcome you to stop by let me show you how great you will look and feel.

Each of my clients is very special to me and I take the time to really understand your goals and I go above and beyond to make sure each client is 100% satisfied. 

Outside of work I am a huge dog lover. I have a large family of Bulldogs, both French and English. Thankfully my husband is just as crazy about our pups and we enjoy every moment with them.

See all their antics and follow us on Instagram @saitofrenchieclan

Check out my Yelp and Google reviews at the end of this page.

We use the finest skin products from Elemis.

Elemis is a skin wellness brand with an aromatherapist’s soul, an artist’s spirit, and a scientist’s commitment to results. An innovative and global British skincare brand with over 30 years of expertise and available in over 45 countries, we believe in ‘truth in beauty’.

We use the best hair removal products from Nufree.

Nufree is 100% botanical; no Chemicals, no Sugar and no Wax. … Nufree is the only one antimicrobial, non-wax hair removal system in the world. Patented antimicrobial and antibacterial Finipil is applied after the hair is removed with Nufree, to ensure the protection against ingrown hairs and bacteria

We use the only the best brow products from Anastasia of Beverly Hills.

It’s been well-documented over the millennia by groundbreaking thinkers—including Pythagoras, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Albert Einstein—that the human eye is encoded to recognize nature’s universal design fractal: The Golden Ratio. This mathematical ratio of 1.618 to 1—in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts—offers the key to finding balance, symmetry, and beauty. 

Inspired by this age-old ratio, Anastasia created a unique and breakthrough method of shaping brows. By following these principles, she could create a set of arches that perfectly framed and suited any face shape. 

This patented Golden Ratio® method remains at the heart of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Each product launch is inspired by makeup’s unique ability to create the illusion of facial balance, symmetry, and proportion. 

Your Team

Your team of Estheticians are all licensed by the State of California and trained by Nikki to provide the highest quality of service and the best Customer Service. Our goal is delight and impress you at every visit.


Nikki Saito


Kayla Hofmann

What Our Customers Say About Us

5 star ratingI hardly ever write reviews but I have to share how wonderful my experience with Nikki was! I was super nervous to get my eyebrows microbladed, because I don't wear a lot of makeup and didn't want anything drastic. I told Nikki during my consultation I wanted them super natural looking and she totally delivered! She thoroughly explained everything throughout the process and gave very clear instructions. She followed up with me regularly after my first appointment to check in and make sure I was doing ok. I just had my initial touch up done and I am so so happy with the results! My only regret is that I didn't get them done sooner! They look so natural and so amazing! I can't recommend Nikki enough!

Krista B. Avatar
Krista B.

When I first go to an eyebrow place, they tend to do my eyebrows “perfectly”, when I go back again (2nd or 3rd time) it’s not as perfect as the first. So I wanted to give Nikki a few opportunities to wow me before I wrote my review. I have been going to her for the pass three months, and let me tell you SHE GETS IT PERFECT EVERY TIME! Her technique is flawless! To top it all off, she is so sweet, makes me feel comfortable, good conversation, just someone you would like to sit and chat with all afternoon long! She is a breath of fresh air! VERY talented, VERY friendly, knows how to run a business. What more would you want! Definitely not trusting my eyebrows to anyone else!

Jessica Velazquez Avatar
Jessica Velazquez

5 star ratingGreat services!!! Nikki makes my brows look soooo amazing every time. Beautiful studio too

Delaney R. Avatar
Delaney R.

5 star ratingNikki is a true artist! I was pretty nervous and she was great at calming my nerves and giving me the time I needed before proceeding. She is a joy to talk to. Sweet and Bubbly personality. I'm so happy with how my brows turned out!

Vanessa B. Avatar
Vanessa B.

5 star ratingI couldn't be any happier with my microblading sessions with Nikki. I was super nervous. And when I doubted myself after the first session (because your brows will look bold at first), she followed up with me and made sure she educated me about the stages of microblading and taught me how to trust the process. She listened to exactly what I wanted and delivered beyond expectations. Leave your brows in the hands of someone talented and someone you can trust! Go with Brows by Nikki! No brows to ohhhh brows!

Abbey D. Avatar
Abbey D.

5 star ratingNikki is so professional and her salon is beautiful. She is gentle with my brows but also fast and the waxing didn't hurt. She even sent me a postcard in the mail afterwards which was a nice touch. This is the best my brows have looked in a long time.

LaMesha S. Avatar
LaMesha S.

AMAZING JOB ! i absolutely love how nikki shaped my eyebrows and she does such an amazing job. I’m definitely recommending her to all my family members!

Kimberly Cervantes Avatar
Kimberly Cervantes

Nikki is just Amazing. Makes you feel so comfortable.

Terese Johnson Avatar
Terese Johnson

Nikki was fabulous! Very sweet, shaped my brows perfectly, and her space felt very clean and covid-safe 👍

Lauren Kuykendall Avatar
Lauren Kuykendall